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joe linogao

The Engineering Student

A Short introduction

I am an "Engineering with Management" final year student at Trinity College Dublin. While I am not making music, I work on projects which range from creating robots, using computer vision to count bacteria, or modeling and 3D-printing prototypes for my next wild idea!

Throughout my time at University, I've been improving my current skillsets as well as pushing myself to learn more.  These skills include robotics, software development (through MATLAB and Python), CAD, and deep learning. Keep on scrolling to see the highlights!

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Projects & Awards Showcase

AI Awards Student Finalist

Nominated as a finalist for the "Best Application of AI in a Student Project" award by the National AI Awards Ireland for my project on deep learning and colony counting 

Person Follower

I was part of the TCD Undergraduate Robotics Team that created a robot that follows people around using machine learning, computer vision, and ROS. The main base (TurtleBot2) was also used in other projects such as...

Elevator Robot

I also helped create a robot that can detect elevators opening and enter them automatically. Additionally, the robot can also observe when it is heading to a specific floor and orientates itself accordingly

3D Mapping

As a little side project, I also paired TurtleBot with an Intel Realsense camera and created a program that 3D maps a room by controlling the robot with a controller

Bacteria Colony Counter

In collaboration with the Laidlaw Foundation, I created a program that automatically identifies and counts bacteria colonies present on Petri dishes. This was done using a specially designed dataset and machine learning

Laidlaw Scholar 2021/2022, TCD

In April 2021, I was made a part of the 2021/2022 Laidlaw Scholar cohort at TCD. This scholarship has allowed me to become a better leader for the future and opened many doors for research and business partnerships

Modified Arduino Buggy

One of my first Arduino projects involved modifying a commercial buggy kit to detect walls and navigate an obstacle course. Through this project, I learned a lot about computer vision, Arduino, and 3D printing. 

Cad Showcase
(Made with Solidworks)

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